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Take These Steps Towards Deck Protection

Deck Protection | All Climate Roofing

Decking has become a really popular way to create a useful outdoor space, and with good reason. Decking looks good, comes in a variety of looks and finishes, and creates a versatile space that everybody in the family can use. Like any home improvement,... (more...)

Roof Damage To Look Out For Come Fall

Roof Damage | All Climate Roofing

Fall is just around the corner, and that means many things for homeowners. There are cosy fireplaces to curl up in front of, leaves to rake up from the lawn, and steaming mugs of cocoa to drink. However, have you thought about how the fall weather will... (more...)

How to Maintain Different Types of Roofs

Different Types of Roofs | All Climate Roofing

A new roof is a serious investment. It takes a good amount of time, money and effort to install a new roof, so you want to make sure that the roof lasts. With the right amount of maintenance, you can keep it looking good and standing up to the elements... (more...)

7 Things Not to Do During a Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement | All Climate Roofing

Replacing the roof on your home is one of the most important improvements and maintenance tasks you can undertake. While it’s not glamorous, it is essential, because your roof protects your entire home, and all the possessions that you keep within in... (more...)

10 Safety Precautions for a DIY Roofing Project

DIY Roofing | All Climate Roofing

Whether you are upgrading an old roof on your house or you are getting ready for this coming winter, you can save money by doing working on the roof yourself. While a DIY roofing project will save you a fair few dollars,the roof needs to do its job by... (more...)

Important Summer Roofing Tips to Keep in Mind

There is no doubt that summer is the best time of year for enjoying life to the fullest. Whether you want to lounge by a pool, head to the beach or just take it easy at home, the warmest months of the year are when having a great time comes easily. Yet,... (more...)

Eco Friendly Roofing to Beat the Summer Heat

Eco Friendly Roofing | All Climate Roofing

Hello, sweet summer! Hello vacations, cookouts with friends, and weekends by the pool – all the wonderful things associated with these beautiful weather months. Hello skyrocketing electric bills from the near-constant air conditioning…a not-so-wonderful... (more...)

5 Tips for Residential Roofing Maintenance

Maintaining the roof of your home is one of the most important jobs that a homeowner has to do. If small leaks or broken tiles are ignored, your house will be seriously damaged by poor weather. By keeping up with regular maintenance on your roof, you... (more...)

Consider Installing a Skylight This Summer

Skylight Installation | All Climate Roofing

Cloudless skies of blue and bright, warm sunshine – the hallmarks of summer!  During these warm beautiful months, you may want to spend every moment outside, but the truth is that sometimes you just have to be inside your home. Whether you work... (more...)

Follow These 3 Steps for Summer Deck Coating Projects

Deck Coating | All Climate Roofing

The countdown to summer is on. As the weather continues to become milder and warmer, you can finally start brushing off your patio furniture and get ready for meals on the porch and evenings sipping cocktails on your deck. Better yet – take advantage... (more...)

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