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Deck Leak Repair

Deck leaks can be caused by various factors such as poor quality of previous coating process and materials, improper sloping, no proper waterproofing around deck railing and drainage, no proper flashing in the area adjacent to the wall or simply a lack of maintenance.

In order for successful deck leak repair, we must first investigate and address the underlying issues that may have caused the leak.

Deck leak repair usually involves the removal of existing coating materials down to the plywood. We will then inspect the damages on the plywood, the joist and the beams. We will replace or reinforce the damaged wood as necessary. While we apply the new deck coating and waterproofing we will also install new flashings and re-slope the deck if required.

Below is an example of a residential deck repair and re-coating project in Ventura County.

Waterproofing, Deck Coating and Chimney Stucco Repair in Ventura County

This 600 square foot deck had severe leaks. The homeowner hired other contractors to patch over the leak areas, but unfortunately the leaks deteriorated. The previous contractor did not apply the correct waterproofing materials which caused the water to get trapped underneath. Once we removed all the deck coating materials we found severe damage on the plywood, the joists and the chimney base. We added reinforcement to approximately 20 joist beams and added new 1” T&G plywood throughout the deck. The railing of the deck was also damaged and in order to remedy this we removed and replaced all the deck posts and deck railings. We applied the Tufflex Pedestrian Decking System which included the metal lath, waterproofing concrete, 2 thick coats of polyurethane waterproofing membrane and 2 coats of protective color coats. At the stucco wall we added flashings around chimney base and installed waterproofing underlayment as well as new stucco to the chimney wall. 

Deck Leak Repair and Maintenance | All Climate Roofing

This is the leaky and cracked deck surface where the damage occurred.

You can clearly see here where there was dry rot and termite damage on the joists.

We added reinforcement ( also known as “sisters”) to all the damaged joists.

We installed new T&G exterior plywood and heavy duty galvanized staples down the diamond lath throughout the deck.

The flashing around this deck post was custom made in order to provide waterproofing. This is a common area that causes a deck to leak. Our custom flashing will help prevent any future leaks from occurring.

We installed waterproofing concrete to the entire surface and pitched the deck in order to force the water to drain towards the front end.

We applied this waterproofing membrane to the entire deck.

We installed new flashing around the chimney base and added waterproofing on the chimney wall underneath the wire mesh shown in this photo.

Shown here is the first couple coats of stucco applied to the chimney wall.

The chimney is fully repaired and completed!

The installed deck coating, chimney stucco and deck railing all look great!