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Roofing Agoura Hills

Tile Roof Replacement and Wood Restoration in Agoura Hills

Our customer had leaks on different areas of the roof for an extended period time. The previous fix attempts to the roof were never truly fixed. Instead they were just patched in the leak areas. The wood decking was soaked with water, which created a great nesting ground for termites. Along the shiplap, plywood, rafter tails and fascia boards we found termite damage and dry rot. We replaced all damaged plywood, the shiplap and fascia around the perimeter of the roof, as well as added support to damaged rafter tails.

Damaged shiplap

New plywood and shiplap installed

Roof Replacement | All Climate Roofing

Double layers of 40lb underlayment installed

We added and installed a metal underlayment to create a waterproof seal on the low pitch roof.

New gutters and downspouts were installed. Along with all the fascia boards which were upgraded to 2”x8” then primed/treated with spruce and painted with 2 coats of exterior primer

Another beautiful roof done by All Climate Roofing!

Roof Replacement | All Climate Roofing

Tile Roof Leak Repair in Agoura Hills

The tile roof had a leak below the chimney due to broken tiles. All the damaged plywood was replaced and double layers of 40lb felt underlayment was used. The original tiles were re-installed. There was a solar pool heater as well that was removed at the owner’s request. double layers of 40lb felt underlayment, re-installed original tiles.

Roof Replacement | All Climate Roofing

Water Damaged Plywood due to leak

Damaged plywood replaced

Double layers of 40lb underlayment installed to the entire repair section

New vent flashings installed around vent pipes to waterproof;

40lb underlayment under Z-bar nailed in and secured roof-to-wall flashings around chimney to waterproof

Removed tiles around chimney and all debris

Existing solar pool heating panels to be removed

Mastic was added to the underlayment to waterproof the area where the solar panels were attached. Removed the tar on tiles and used industrial grade caulking to seal tiles.

Installed original tiles and replaced all broken tiles

New Shingle Composition Roof

This composition shingle roof in Agoura Hills was due for a roof replacement because the shingles were coming off, along with the flashings being broken apart and the waterproof seals being worn out. We removed all existing shingle and underlayment and added a new 40lb underlayment. In the valley and chimney area, we used double layers of 40lb underlayment for better waterproofing. We replaced all vent flashings, drip edge, valley metals and chimney metals. We used industrial grade caulking to waterproof all the flashings. We installed starters to obtain manufacturer’s warranty. We used Mountain Ridge on the ridge line to upgrade manufacturer’s wind warranty. Since the ridge is usually the one of the first places to notice a leak or damage by wind on shingle roof, we always use high-quality Mountain ridge on our shingle roofs. CertainTeed Landmark Painted Desert shingles were installed on the roof.

Old Shingle Roof with missing shingles and broken flashings and waterproofing

New Landmark Painted Desert Shingle Roof