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Roofing Camarillo

Tile Roof Replacement in Camarillo

This beautiful estate home in Camarillo has 6000 sq. ft. of roofing area in 6 in 12 pitch, with 18 roof facets, 3 steep roof gables, 2 chimneys and other various intricate roof details. It was a custom project that required expert skill and experience.

Unfortunately the existing roof was installed with poor workmanship. The underlayment was installed using regular roof nails instead of plastic caps which prevented a tight water seal, the tile overlap was over 2” and the industry standard is a maximum 2” overlap. The chimney areas had severe wood rot and termite damage due to chimney flashings that were not caulked and water sealed. The underlayment did not extend over the roof edge and no edge metal was installed. As a result all the fascia board was damaged.

We replaced approximately 70 sheets of ½” CDX plywood, replaced about 80% of the fascia board, added support to damaged rafters, repaired and replaced beams. All exposed wood surfaces are primed and painted and we added 2 layers of 40lb underlayment to the entire roof. We installed custom 24” valley metal with built-in tile pans, added 3”x 3” drip edge and replaced all vent flashings, base flashings, chimney flashings and tile pans. The tiles were installed with 2” overlapping. All the work was done adhering to best industry practices and manufacturer standards.

Replaced termite-damaged 2”x 6” T&G inside the cathedral ceiling and replaced termite-damaged 2”x 6” sub roof rafters

Repaired Chimney base framing

Roof Replacement | All Climate Roofing

Reinforced trellis rafter and replaced fascia

Chimney base repair and new ½” CDX plywood installed

Added 40lb underlayment to the entire roof.

Another beautiful roof in Camarillo completed by All Climate Roofing!!

Tile Roof Leak Repair in Camarillo

This 2-story custom home had a leak that was repaired previously but the leak returned after only 2 years. Through our investigation, we concluded that the leak was in the drainage cricket next to the turret. After the roofing materials were removed we discovered multiple leak sources and damaged plywood with mold. We replaced all the damaged plywood and added new flashings and underlayment.

Roof Replacement | All Climate Roofing

Here we discovered mold on the plywood

Shown here is water damage on plywood

Roof Replacement | All Climate Roofing

This is the repair area. All the damaged plywood has been replaced with new ½” CDX

Re-installed the original roof tiles