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Roof Inspection

All Climate Roofing conducts a thorough roof inspection for property owners, real estate buyers and sellers. This can be an annual roof inspection, or a once-only inspection. Regardless of the type of inspection, All Climate Roofing will provide you with a thorough, and diligent inspection.

During the roof inspection, we will

-Evaluate the overall condition of the roof

-Inspect the conditions of chimney flashings, vent flashings, dormers, air conditioning platforms, interface between solar units and roof, drainage crickets, edge metals, valley metals, gutters and downspouts

-Inspect fascia, eaves and rafter tails for signs of wood damage

-Check attic for structural integrity of roof, leak stains and signs of wood damage

-Perform core sampling and mechanical inspection of roof membranes and underlayment

-Check for rodent and bird problems on roof

-Assess the remaining life of roof

We will prepare a written report including our key findings and an estimate of any roof work need to be done.

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