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Roof Leak Repair | All Climate Roofing
The key to effective roof leak repair is detection and diagnosis. Roof is constantly challenged by Mother Nature: extreme temperature changes, wind, sunlight and rain, so even the smallest problem or defects could turn into leak over the years.

There are many causes for roof leaks:

Missing/broken/slipped tiles and shingles:  This will expose the underlayment to direct sunlight. After a prolonged period of exposure to direct sunlight, the underlayment will deteriorate rapidly. So when the next rainy season comes, the water would get into the roof.

Flashing Failure:  It occurs quite often around chimney, skylight and tile pans when flashings are clogged with debris, so water cannot drain and is forced to take a different route over the underlayment, causing roof to leak.

Clogged Valley and Cricket:  Debris builds up due to lack of maintenance. So the water cannot drain properly and is forced to take a different route over the underlayment, causing roof to leak.

Damaged Ridge on Composition Shingle Roof:  Ridges usually do not last as long as the rest of the roof and need to be replaced earlier. When the ridge shows signs deterioration, it need to be replaced immediately to prevent leaks.

Improper Roof Design and Pitch:  This usually occurs on low slope roof and drainage cricket. The roof pitch is negative and water cannot drain off the roof.  The “Ponding Water” eventually leads to roof leaks.

Not Following Manufacturers’ Recommendations: Manufacturers have recommendations on both materials and installation methodology. Not following these practices will result in premature roof failure.

Poor Workmanship:  Quality Workmanship is all about paying attention to details. This includes underlayment overlapping, tile and shingle alignment, nail types and locations, waterproofing materials and techniques etc.  Any failure in these details will result in premature roof leaks.

Quality Roof Leak Repair Done Right at the First Time

Avoiding Roof Leaks | All Climate Roofing

When comes to roofing, quality always goes a long way. This is especially true with Roof repair. A repair done right the first time will save you money, time and headaches…

After having repaired thousands of roofs, we accumulated a large knowledge base which enables us to quickly and accurately narrow down the real causes and fix the problems. We offer 10 year workmanship warranty on most of our repairs.

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All Climate Roofing has been in the roofing business since 2003. With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we feel confident in our ability to meet your roofing needs. Whether you have an issue with the design or functionality of your roof, we hope you’ll use us as your resource for roof repair in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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