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Wood Damage Repair

Termite Wood Damage Repair and Restoration Project in Ventura County

Tiled roof on a Simi Valley home had a leak right at the interception of the roof facets. The area became clogged, making it impossible for the water to drain, which in turn caused the leak. We started by replacing all of the damaged plywood, adding double layers of the underlayment, and modifying the drainage for better water flow. We left no penetrations on the underlayment because we glued the tiles on with hybrid for adhesive instead of nailing them on. Extensive roof maintenance followed this project. We mastic sealed all of the valley metals, added torch down roof membrane to help with waterproofing, caulked all of the vent caps with industrial grade material,  cemented new mortar to the ride and rake joints, painted the vent caps and chimney caps, and added mortar cement to aid in sun protection and waterproofing the roof.

Before the severely damaged header beam was removed.

Severely Damaged Wood Roofing | All Climate Roofing
Wood Damage Repair: Fixing Beam | All Climate Roofing

After the header beam was restored.

The restoration of the damaged beams, before and after.

Damaged Beam Restoration | All Climate Roofing
Fixing Roofing Beam | All Climate Roofing

Restored and newly painted corbel end beams.

Renovation of the beams in the garage and the front of the house.

Front of House Roofing Restoration | All Climate Roofing
Front of the House Beam Restored | All Climate Roofing